Monday, June 1, 2015

Things That I Do when I am Bored out of Mind

I just finished with my high school and I have a few months till the grind begins all over again in college.I was preparing for my pre medical exam for the last 2 years and my was I busy.There is a good busy where time flies and then there is a KILL ME NOW busy. I spent the last 2 years always one textbook away from running away from my house to the Himalayas in search of nirvana.Now, after two years of toil, i am done and 'vella' as the punjabis call it and yes there is a 'but' to my presumably perfect scenario. 
My situation is similar to that of a prisoner who spends a lot of time sitting around with the other inmates making plans about what adventures he will go on once he gets out. 
And finally when he does gets out, his parents take him along to a house in the middle of Rajasthan away from his friends in the scorching heat of may from where everything is an hour drive away and he isn't allowed to drive.
Okay, so this isn't similar to my situation but my situation exactly.
Bottom line, I am usually bored and having experienced both ends of the scale of activity have listed 5 ways to entertain yourself by using your time constructively.. just kidding...constructivity means nothing to the unskilled... All these things are nothing but conventional time killers with a twist. So here we go..... in decreasing order of calories burnt. 

1. Dance... for a purpose

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At every social dancing scenario from a sangeet to a nightclub most of the (sober) people need to be dragged to the dance floor  not because they don't want to dance, because they need to convince people they aren't willing to, in order to save the looming embarrassment that comes from unpracticed, broken dance moves. I say get rid of all inhibitions, be the life of the party by being prepared in advance. Utilize your time to perfect that moonwalk, shimmy your waist correctly and fto gear up for more...ahem.. interesting scenarios, couple dance with the cushion...

2. Sing as if possessed by Maddona's Soul

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Are you regularly disparaged by even by your loved ones when you try as much as lip synch to your favorite song. Now is the time my friend. Grab the hair brush mic, let your locks out and get this party started.Tbh I have personally sang myself to sleep,performed a concert for my old stuff toys which btw was highly acclaimed, especially by the teddy family.
For those who need help must check out this website for online karaoke, where u can sing, be scored and compete with other wannabe bathroom singers as well.

3. Find a movie to watch 

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This is harder than it sounds. When you have too many choices, the law of probability says the chance of making the right one is equally less. Finding the right movie suited to your interests, mood, internet speed needs a special set of skills mi amigos, those i don't possess.And somehow if you are able to decide it won't be available for viewing in your country. Dammit piracy! Y u no be unbiased when it comes to illegal broadcasting.
Hence, I like tv sitcoms more.Unpredictable stories with the same premise.Yes, side effects like post season blues, cliff hanger anxiety and over attachment to fictional characters are inevitable but that's for another blog post.

4. Talk to people you aren't supposed to talk to

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When your real friends are busy, unlike you or you don't have any, the eyes explore various other names with green dots next to them. Exes, estranged friends who don't give a shit anymore or just random people who accidentally sent you a friend request or vice versa are the usual candidates for this unsolicited  conversation that usually comprises of either a mundane discussion(which never helps with the boredom) or a conversation you will regret(like u regret the actions the 'drunk you' does, you pay for the conversations the 'bored you' has) which eventually leads to step 5.

5. Contemplate

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This is for when you have reached the pinnacle of boredom and laziness and don't even have the energy to type.Lay back, stare at the ceiling and introspect.What is life?  Are u living it right?
What did you do  wrong to live to see a day where you have to come to a point like this? If you somehow reached my unknown, obscure blog I can imagine how bad your situation is.
STATUARY WARNING: A really reliable time killer,it comes with after effects like hard hitting epiphanies,existential crisis, sleepless nights and some other pretty dark shit so please proceed with caution.

Happy boredom 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Diamonds aren't Girls' Best Friends

It gets u sexy
It makes you fat
But who cares about that

If u still haven't gotten what this post is about u clearly have never binge eaten a family sized dairy milk silk, contemplated your life's decisions, cried, only to be placated by another bar of this sweet sinful, socially acceptable drug called chocolate.In that case, you are missing quite a lot.

I share quite a history with this brown, sweet delicacy. My maternal aunt had one waiting for me whenever  I visited, my grandmother popped one in my schoolbag every day and then I was prohibited from eating any when the dentist found cavities in my four molars. With a childhood filled with such memories I wonder why am I overweight.
Anyhow what spurred me to write this post was this quick and easy recipe I found on some angel's blog.
Super delicious, damn tasty, edible microwave chocolava cake

I have had tasty food.It has made me happy. But eating something tasty prepared by your own hands gives a foodgasm indescribable by words.Hence,I recommend that you guys check the link out.

Coming back to my love of chocolate. I am reminded of  the song Chocolatte by soul control ,the lyrics of which i have quoted in the beginning of this post, taught to me by a well traveled friend who saw some locals dancing to it a small town in Italy. I say make this song an anthem.Why determine richness by gold when happiness is just a cocoa farm away.
From Crying girls to crazy girlfriends, chocolate pacifies them all. An accompaniment to both cartoon time and kinky time, this celebrated aphrodisiac has more potential than anything else you can buy in 10 rupees.
But then, it causes obesity, caries, diabetes, hyperglycemia and what not.Bottom line, I like chocolate but one should always know that no matter how sumptuous, heavenly or exhilarating it is,too much of everything is bad
Thank you for reading mi amigo
Until next time 

Welcome to BLOG

Even if you haven't noticed the beautiful play of words i accidentally concocted, my dear sailor in the ocean of information we call the internet, I humbly welcome you to my personal diary of musings and experiences which much like life and its highs and lows is coloured in shades of blue, lilac orange and grey, figuratively not literally because that would leave me with very limited options for formatting.
Orange for the highs, blue for the lows,grey for the neutral moments and lilac because I needed an L to form the perfect acronym and its a cute colour.
Anyhow, what I plan on doing is writing every little thought or experience that I deem as interesting for you to see. Enjoy. :)