Thursday, May 28, 2015

Diamonds aren't Girls' Best Friends

It gets u sexy
It makes you fat
But who cares about that

If u still haven't gotten what this post is about u clearly have never binge eaten a family sized dairy milk silk, contemplated your life's decisions, cried, only to be placated by another bar of this sweet sinful, socially acceptable drug called chocolate.In that case, you are missing quite a lot.

I share quite a history with this brown, sweet delicacy. My maternal aunt had one waiting for me whenever  I visited, my grandmother popped one in my schoolbag every day and then I was prohibited from eating any when the dentist found cavities in my four molars. With a childhood filled with such memories I wonder why am I overweight.
Anyhow what spurred me to write this post was this quick and easy recipe I found on some angel's blog.
Super delicious, damn tasty, edible microwave chocolava cake

I have had tasty food.It has made me happy. But eating something tasty prepared by your own hands gives a foodgasm indescribable by words.Hence,I recommend that you guys check the link out.

Coming back to my love of chocolate. I am reminded of  the song Chocolatte by soul control ,the lyrics of which i have quoted in the beginning of this post, taught to me by a well traveled friend who saw some locals dancing to it a small town in Italy. I say make this song an anthem.Why determine richness by gold when happiness is just a cocoa farm away.
From Crying girls to crazy girlfriends, chocolate pacifies them all. An accompaniment to both cartoon time and kinky time, this celebrated aphrodisiac has more potential than anything else you can buy in 10 rupees.
But then, it causes obesity, caries, diabetes, hyperglycemia and what not.Bottom line, I like chocolate but one should always know that no matter how sumptuous, heavenly or exhilarating it is,too much of everything is bad
Thank you for reading mi amigo
Until next time 

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